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Desired Behaviour Change

For YMCA Vocational school staff to access, learn and apply a variety of operational skills.

Design to Delivery Time

8 hours per Loom


Learning Design

Skills Utilised

Project Management

Learning Design

Graphic Design

SME engagement 

Content Development

Video Editing

Screen Recording

Loom recording


As part of a larger project to create a staff training resource library for YMCA, I worked with a number of their SME’s to support them to create mini courses on a number of important topics. Each course included a short presentation videos with a quiz to follow and was housed in the custom LMS I created for them. 

The process for this part of the project was to work with SMEs to write the content, create beautifully designed PowerPoint presentations, train them to use Loom to record their presentations, edit the video, create the Articulate Rise course and then house it in the custom built LMS. 

What resulted was over 12 mini courses staff could engage in, where they view a simple presentation and then are quizzed on their knowledge. Being in the LMS, means YMCA can track which staff had viewed and completed each mini course.

The best part of this project was collaborating with YMCA to allow them to create beautiful learning assets. This empowered ownership and a sense of pride for the great work they do. That, and no one is more equipped to pass on knowledge than those that immerse in their profession each and every day like the folk at the Y do. Below are some screenshots of the design and UX.

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