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Pluss Communities



Desired Behaviour Change

For clients to be able to access help information to explore and navigate the Pluss App platform independently.

Design to Delivery Time

130 hours


Online Resource Library

Website Building

Skills Utilised

Learning Design

Graphic Design

SME engagement 

Content Development

Video Editing

Screen Recording


At the start of 2021, I was engaged by a tech start up company to build their online help library, to enable their clients to access how-to information when using their App platform for the first time.

What resulted was a comprehensive and beautifully presented help library that empowers this organisation to better serve its new and emerging clients.

The project entailed taking a number of basic word documents where staff had created content on how-to use certain aspects of their platform. I then broke this content up into meaningful topics and arranged them in a searchable and interactive database that was both desktop and mobile friendly. 

The project was built in WordPress and included the creation of a number of Loom videos that explain how to use the software. As it’s a public and live website, so you can visit the actual website by clicking the button below, or alternatively, preview some screenshots and the sample videos below.

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