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Desired Behaviour Change

Development of onboarding skills required to function in a call centre.

Design to Delivery Time

10 week project



Learning Design

Virtual Training

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Learning Design

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SME engagement 

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Face to face Facilitation skills

Train the Trainer


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In 2022, a leading Australian bank wished to build an entirely new banking service delivery model following a merger. My role was to liaise with their training and development team to design and build their new two week induction course for call centre staff. This course was designed as a face to face, facilitator led training experience, but also required the ability to pivot this to a virtual workshop experience if required. Due to Covid and other external factors, the need for a virtual option was often required. 

Working with subject matter experts, my role was to design and deliver a powerful and effective learning experience. One that built group connection, was engaging, provided time for skill development and met all learning outcomes needed. By the end of the two week period, we needed new starters to be ready to begin in their new roles in the call centre on live customer calls.

As part of this project, I worked with the banks staff to articulate their desired learning outcomes, designed the two weeks content and run sheet and in conjunction with design teams, created the training artefacts. 

Because of the rapid development and regular change of processes and protocols, we did away with the common training manual and instead opted for learners to receive a learning logbook. This way, we future proofed the printed material. Processes and protocols were then available digitally within the wider systems, and staff were trained to be able to located and utilise information.

We based the training on the metaphor of ‘learning to drive’. Their learning log book was where they reflected on their learning and logged their practice hours in the systems. At the end of the course, instead of a certificate, they received a ‘license’ enabling them to work in the call centre. We developed this theme further by building all content into what we called the ‘Wheel of banking’ where each spoke represented a topic area for them to learn. In the beginning, they would self-rate their confidence and know how, building out their knowledge till the felt confident in each area. Then they were tested by a supervisor who would sign off on their ability to drive smoothly.

The client needed to be able to run this training internally, so included in the project was a  ‘Train the Trainer’ kit, complete with facilitator guide, activity cards, PowerPoint slides and all the artefacts required to make the training work. I also created a series of Train the Trainer videos that taught higher level facilitation skills.

This was a wonderful piece of work that I believe utilises some excellent adult learning principles to create a powerful learning experience.

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