Aviation Safety

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Desired Behaviour Change

For Virgin staff to value acting safely and therefore do so willingly, out of their own initiative rather than simply acting safely for compliance or because they were directed to.

Design to Delivery Time

140 hours



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In 2017, I worked with one of Australia’s leading airlines to recreate their one day compulsory safety training day for their staff. Historically, this day had been poorly attended and not well liked, as learners reported the day was dry and boring. Consequently, safety and wellbeing practices were not seen as part of the culture, a value the company was hoping to achieve.

My job was to maintain the safety training aspect of the day, but to also convert the day to focus on culture, values and inherent behaviour change. What resulted was excellent and the staff loved the result! Attendance skyrocketed and post-training survey showed outstanding results in terms of value and impact.

As part of this project, I worked with the airline staff to articulate their desired learning outcomes, designed the days content, run sheet and in conjunction with design teams, created the training artefacts. Because we wanted to reinvent the feel of the day, I did away with the common training manual and instead opted for learners to receive a set of postcards. Each postcard was written on during the training and then held together on a ring wire for the learners to keep on their desk on in their bags. This communicated the desire for this training to go with them and not just be shelved like most training manuals in big binders do. Each postcard was a quick reference guide reminding them of the key learnings for the day. 

The client was keen to be able to run this training internally, so included in the project was a  ‘Train the Trainer’ kit, complete with facilitator guide, PowerPoint slides and all the artefacts and activities to make the day work.

This was a remarkable piece of work and to this day, I remain proud of what we achieved here.o

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